Ardith Goodwin

Ardith Goodwin

Ardith Goodwin. Locals may recognize her name as this year's #nappieaward winner for best local painter. Goodwin is a Colorist who expresses her fascination with energy, fractured lines, and dynamic movement through acrylic and mixed media techniques. Her works combine a vivid imagination with the exploration of marks, figurative expression, and connection to being raised in the Deep South. She currently works in three genres: Figurative Art, Abstraction, and Sports Art. As a self-taught painter and one who overcame challenging medical hurdles, Goodwin says, "I truly believe I am an ordinary person living an extraordinary life, especially through pigment and paint."

Goodwin combines her love of visual narratives with a technical framework of fractured lines, transparency, dynamic movement, and complexity. Her figures convey a sense of story, which is reflective of her fascination with the juicy tidbits of growing up along the Gulf Coast as well as her travels abroad. Both realism and abstraction are paired in her works and are equally reflective of her love of structure and her captivation with complex systems.



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